European societies meeting Thimphu 28 nov. 2012


From Les Amis du Bhoutan  (Nov  2012)


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From Kuensel Nov 29, 2012 - Seventh meeting, first ever in Bhutan


Friends of Bhutan catch up with their friends in Bhutan at the reception yesterday


Friends of Bhutan: Having supported and promoted Bhutan in their countries for years, 36 Friends of Bhutan in Europe have come together in Thimphu for their seventh meeting and to update themselves with development in Bhutan.


The members are representatives from 10 Bhutan Friendship Societies and two non-government organisations in Europe.


In a reception, the foreign ministry hosted for the visiting members yesterday, the European Bhutan Societies handed over a combined contribution of 200 euros each towards the reconstruction of Wangduephodrang dzong.


Foreign minister in-charge Khandu Wangchuk thanked the friendship societies for their goodwill, friendship and support to Bhutan and its people. “The meeting has provided opportunities to renew our friendships, and for our friends to see for themselves the developments on social, economic and political fronts in our country,”

lyonpo said.


From one society more than 20 years ago to 12 today, including two NGOs, foreign ministry officials said the societies promote Bhutan and strengthen the country’s friendship and understanding with European countries.


Chairman of the Bhutan Society of the United Kingdom, Michael Rutland, who spoke on behalf of the friendship societies, said Bhutan has a great ability to bring harmony, and thanked the government for inviting the members to Bhutan.


“This is the very first time, when there has been a gathering of all the European Bhutan societies in Bhutan, and it’s very special, because it brings together all the various Bhutanese societies in an atmosphere of harmony,” he said. “The Bhutan societies, we would like to think, do a very good job for Bhutan, but the reason they do it is because Bhutan has the great ability to capture the hearts of people, not just the minds.”


The members also called on the prime minister yesterday.


By Sonam Pelden