Govt. will exceed 11th Plan targets: PM


From Kuensel Online  (June 20, 2017)


Important announcements were made in his State of the Nation report The government will not only achieve but exceed most of the 11th Plan targets by the end of its period, the Prime Minister assured in his state of the nation report that was presented to the Parliament yesterday. 


The most challenging part in implementing the 11th Plan was that the Plan was not finalised and required funds were not secured when the government took over. 


"The government took it as a challenge and mobilised the required funds. In fact, the Plan size increased from the earlier Nu 209B to Nu 216B and later to Nu 221B to give in desired impetus to realise the Plan goals," the state of the nation report stated. 


To make matters worse, the report stated that domestic revenue was not realised as projected due to the delays in completion of three big hydropower projects. It had a revenue implication of about Nu 21B.